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"You might be surprised what this kind of self confidence boost can do for you. When I had my very first modeling session with Ila Alagia-Wist, I had no idea how many doors it will open.Just need to find the right photographer to do it and make it tasteful.!" ~Cheryl Dunn


No modeling experience necessary!

Butterfly Beauties Photography is for ALL women! Whether it's something you have always wanted to do - or a gift for someone special - or to enhance your career, be it artist, writer, model, actress, Jewelry designer or whatever! - we will get you the best photos possible!






About me: Ila Wist/ Owner & Photographer of: Butterfly Beauties Photography LLC 


Why Choose Butterfly Beauties Photography?

Yes, I have a lot of experience, but that's not why you should choose me as photographer. 


I believe that each woman's beauty is as unique as her fingerprint.  And I strive to bring out her authentic beauty; that includes: all shapes.  All ages, All sizes, all colors, if you are handicapped, and it includes all personalities.. only one thing is not beautiful in my book - cruelty.


The experience is tailored to -  you!  This concept is more of a challenge for other photographers. why? 

Because most photographers use a template where as I do not use a generic template. Most photographers use models as their advertising.  I do not.  in fact, you would not know it, but - %98 of the women you see on my website or social media have never done this before! so you can too! 


I  have always been artistic in my life, I think I inherited it from my mother. I also enjoy sculpturing, watercolor-painting &  creative writing , My favorite paintings are of women in romantic surroundings.


I am versatile and very open to wide array of types of photography.


whether it is a fun make-over gift for you or for someone else, some boudoir photos for that special someone or just for you, beautiful portraits or photos to help enhance your modeling career or acting career or for Book or magazine covers and/or bio photos; I love artistic, outdoor & indoor glamour photos as well.  I am happy to to comply!  


i love the spice of life and it's always exciting to see how your photos will turnout as a unique reflection of you!


 Experience and future projects: Ila has been a professional photographer for 15 years and has photographed over hundreds of  women from all backgrounds, She is also member of Gittel women in photography group and has photographed women representing brand names, such as Betsy Johnson, Doll Swimwear and Ujena Swimwear as well as Boston Proper.  She has also landed the cover of InDesign Jewelry Magazine, several book covers for women's businesses, she has been featured in Life in Paradise Valley Magazine & Voyage Phoenix Magazine.  - Ila is based in Arizona, Beverly Hills, and Hawaii.


Ila holds an undergraduate degree in Broadcast/Communications with a minor in Photography, she also has experience as model, a plus- sized model and television experience. "I know what is it like to be in front of the camera, and i want to make this a comfortable, pleasurable experience for each woman - and most of all ---FUN!" She says.


I AM married and i haVE A 15 year-old son. I love my  family, and my friends are life-long, these things are precious in life.


I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona - and I love the beautiful locations to photograph here.  But occasionally I travel to California, and Hawaii for photo-shoots there too.

What inspired me to be a photographer was my mother.  "I saw how she was suffering about 15 years ago from a life-threatening illness. My mother is my diamond, and it broke my heart to see her like that.  She would tell me how unattractive she felt and she would cry.  My mother is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen - no joke. She is just so naturally charismatic and gorgeous - and her smile is so contagious, she literally lights up a room.  One day she was crying into my arms and It was then that I told her I wanted to photograph her and show her that she did not look half as bad she felt. And she was still so beautiful.  When she saw her photos...She cried again, but this time,  they were tears of joy.  which brought tears to my eyes and passion in my heart  to create : Butterfly Beauties photography!



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